Wonderful visit to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home meeting Shandy the greyhound. Rescue animals deserving a good home.



Fresh from the Faroes.

Crossing the North Atlantic from the Faroes to Denmark by ferry, news of the impending Danish election dominates the newspaper headlines.

The sale of a part of DONG ( the Danish Oil and Gas Company ) to Goldman Sachs is being closely monitored, including the shredding of certain key documents by the Finance Ministry before they were registered. DONG was originally state owned and this partial privatisation has proved highly controversial. Will it be an issue in the impending Danish General Election? This has now been announced, to be held in June.

Denmark is a country which is not rich in sources of national minerals and Vespa, based in AArhus, has become one of the largest and most successful Danish companies, specialising in wind turbines.

The Faroe Islands are autonomous within the Danish Constitutional Monarchy. While remote, the Faroes play a strategic role in the North Atlantic, as recognised by Britain when Winston Churchill ordered they be occupied by British forces to secure that corner of the North Atlantic from the Germans.

Otherwise, what are the Faroes most famous for? Their fishing industry and their sheep, the unique blending of which was made famous in the fishermen’s sweater by Sarah Lund in the TV series, Forbrydelsen, or The Killing as we know it.

Apparently, the distinctive designs worn by each fisherman indicated from a distance to their wife on their return after months at sea who had survived the perils of the North Atlantic.

As a first visit, the tour of Torshavn bodes well for future visits and perhaps the next time, taking the ferry on to Iceland to extend the relaxing sea voyage a little further. Now , back in the UK, the visit is but a memory.